Best Leggings and Shorts for Training

Slay Your Workouts & Shoot Selfies with Confidence 

June 24, 2021 – 2 min read (these styles are game changing!)

      Calling all the ladies out there! Picture yourself completely ready to slay your workout, but then you stop in your tracks as you get a glimpse in the mirror to see what you think is the unavoidable, inescapable ‘camel-toe’. We’ve all been there and know the struggle of searching for the best leggings that will support your training and all-day wear needs.

      Thankfully, TLF’s innovative design team has come up with the perfect solution to this common and uncomfortable dilemma: CTF (Camel-Toe-Free) Technology, which is a revolutionary multi-design approach to forever eliminate that uncomfortable and annoying wardrobe malfunction. Designed to provide CTF comfort with no front seam, innovative gusset design, and dual fabric for a comfy fit and a CT free zone (say goodbye to panty liners!). Read on to get a look at some of our influencers sporting these women’s leggings and biker shorts. 

A fitness model stretches her legs while wearing TLF Apparel’s Genesis High Waisted Workout Leggings in the color Deep Navy.
A fitness model poses while wearing TLF Apparel’s Genesis High Waisted Workout Shorts in the color Dusky Orchid
A certified personal trainer poses in TLF Apparel’s Genesis High Waisted Workout Shorts in the color Golden Rod.

      Who has time for wardrobe malfunctions nowadays? TLF wants our women to feel comfortable without distraction. No front seam, no problems! Try out the specially designed Leggings de entrenamiento de cintura alta Genesis y Genesis High Waisted Workout Shorts. These leggings and shorts feature TLF’s newest fabric technology, Luxe-Max DNATM, which is comprised of ultra-soft, lightweight, superior breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Luxe-Max DNATM is designed to help lift, shape, and mold to your body like a second skin, delivering the perfect body sculpting and booty shaping fit that offers live-in comfort in the gym and out - 24/7. The thicker, yet breathable, fabric lifts and tones the glutes while staying put throughout your most intense workouts. In addition to coming in a variety of colors, they’re also squat proof tested and certified!

      Worrying about rising leggings is a problem of the past. TLF’s Leggings deportivos de cintura alta con canalé Tempo y Shorts deportivos de cintura alta con canalé Tempo feature not only brand new CTF Technology but also a high-rise fit that hugs the waist for a flattering silhouette. The light compression and seamless front design allows for comfort inside and outside of the gym. Not to mention, this ribbed fabric is both stretchy and sculpting! Available in three neutral colors: Desert Taupe, Armada, and Black.

A fitness model poses with a kettlebell in a black athleticwear set.
Ms Bikini Olympia, Janet Layug, wears TLF’s Techne High Waisted Leggings in Harbor Green.
A fitness model holds a kettlebell while wearing a shade of biker shorts called Sloe.
A fitness model poses in High Waisted Workout Shorts a the blue-green shade called Harbor Green.

      Want to add a pop of color to your workout apparel wardrobe? The Techne High Waisted Leggings y Shorts deportivos de cintura alta Techne come in the serene and colorful shade of Harbor Green as well as the stylish shade of Sloe and the always classic Black. Each of these high waisted styles are made with CTF technology so that you can train, lounge, and go out on the town in confidence.

Janet Layug and two fitness models pose in TLF activewear sets in the colors Desert Taupe, Wine, and Slate Blue.

      Looking for sets that you can easily mix and match? The Leggings de entrenamiento de cintura alta Tempo y Shorts deportivos de cintura alta Tempo come in an array of colors, including: Grey Marble, Slate Blue, Desert Taupe, Wine, Black, and White. This variety of solid-colored styles make pairing all pieces from the Colección Tempo a breeze. Each of these soft, high waisted leggings and biker shorts are made with CTF technology as well as sculpting fabric so that you can take your training to the next level.

A fitness influencer flexes her biceps while wearing a black sports bra and biker shorts from TLF’s women's Techne Collection.

      Camel toes are not a new problem for women, but TLF has technology to provide a solution. No more worrying about rising seams when athleticwear is engineered to stay in place and accent the areas you want to show off. Build your new and improved, CTF technology approved wardrobe- ready for any situation. 

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